Worship and Prayer

Adult Choir/ Music

Is made up of men and women high school age and over who love to sing and function as part of the praise and worship segment of our worship services. The choir sings three times a month from September thru May and often presents a worship cantata at least once a year at Christmas and/or Easter.

Youth Choir

Is made up of children K thru 6th grade who sing every other month at worship services and participate in presenting a Christmas program each year.

Computer Support

Is a team of older youths and adults that provide computer support for all of our worship services and special programs.

Dance Ministry

Is a team of youth & adults who express worship to God through the use of dance as a visual expression of scripture, and banners that declare the character of God. They lead a Worship Celebration yearly and participate occasionally at worship services, and in special worship presentations at Christmas and Easter.

Drama Ministry

Opportunities are given to youth & adults to participate in depicting a character in short skit presentations to illustrate a truth in scripture. In this way they provide a support to the message occasionally in worship services and often in special worship presentations at Christmas and Easter.

Praise and Worship Planning

Is a team of men & women who are gifted in planning and leading the congregation in worshiping God through music, scripture, and prayer. Involvement in this ministry is praise teams made up of older youth and adults who are vocalists and/or play and instrument.

Sound and Lighting Support

Is a team of older youth & adults that are responsible for positioning microphones, running the sound board, and recording the services on CD, and operate the lighting system. They provide support for all worship services and special programs.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry emphasizes our complete dependence on God and our need to respond to that reality with praying often to our great God. Opportunities are given for people to pray individually or with others in the prayer room or sanctuary any time the building is open. There are also specific times including Sunday mornings, Monday evenings, early Wednesday mornings in the prayer room, and during prayer vigils in the sanctuary one Saturday a month from noon until midnight. There are also opportunities for prayer walking in our community during the week.

Video Support

Is a new ministry that has a team of older youth & adults that video the Sunday morning worship services for recording on DVDs and ultimately be available on the Grace Reformed Church Website. Video recording will also be available for special programs and events.