Worship that celebrates who God is, praises what He has done for us as His people, and inspires us to glorify Him in our daily lives through loving obedience.

Bible Teaching that is essential for the transformation of individuals into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Prayer that reflects our dependency on God in everything we do individually and corporately as a church.

Family focused ministry that emphasizes God's plan for children, youth, singles, marriages, and the restoration of broken family relationships.

Fellowship within the Grace family that encourages authentic relationships by creating opportunities to experience Christ's love through one another.

Ministry Opportunities that inspire and empower every believer to use their gifts and passion in ministry to serve others.

Outreach to uncommitted people in the world to intentionally share the Gospel by what we say and do, through meeting needs, and removing barriers that keep people from developing a personal relationship with God and His Church.

Discipleship that is committed to helping believers invest themselves into the lives of others, thereby multiplying the qualities, character, and priorities of Christ in future generations.

Spiritual growth is a life-long process that reflects the reality that people are at different places in their spiritual journey in becoming a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Leaders as a team who are called and empowered by God to lead the church in submission to the Head of the church, our LORD Jesus Christ.