Care & Counseling

The purpose (description) of the Care & Counseling Ministry "Is to provide care and counsel to those in the Grace family, as well as those who are in our community, who need to experience the presence & love of Christ and the truth of God's Word according to their specific need. Along with this intention to care and counsel is to also provide opportunities and resources to equip more believers to share in this ministry and grow in becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ."

Care/ Visits for Hospital & Homebound

Care visits for hospital & homebound people is an opportunity to love people by listening and praying for their needs as they face health challenges in their lives. This includes a visitation team that brings words of encouragement and other gifts to encourage them during their time of need.


Counseling needs are an opportunity to love people through whatever need they have currently by listening, identifying their need, praying, and pointing them to God and applying His Word to their lives.

Food Pantry

Food pantry ministry that provides food and other items for those in need.


Recovery ministry

Recovery ministry that helps those seeking to overcome various kinds of addictions, resources to walk with them through this journey of freedom.

Resource Center

Resource Center that provides books, movies, and other resources for people who desire to grow in their faith.